Skye reaches orgasm with baseball bat

We like skanks and we like ’em hardcore. Will She Explode brings you this photo collection of the sleazy Skye who likes stripping down to her fishnet stockings and fucking her snatch with her toys. She got bored of dildoes, which she says is too small for her taste and that she’s always on the lookout for upgrades, which meant something bigger and wilder.

Although she still uses her different sizes and lengths of dildoes, for emergency purposes, she would still prefer something different that will surely make people’s mouths drop. She wanted to try various stuff when playing with her cunt and in these pics you’ll see her fucking her hole with a friggin’ baseball bat. That’s end up as some kind of a catnip for any man who’ll use that when playing in the field. You know, pussy juice scent has a way of sticking on surfaces where it’s rubbed or spilled and I won’t mind getting high at the smell but would probably lose my concentration when hitting the balls.

Watch her stuff that thing inside her wet snatch and push it all the way inside like she’s grabbing some guy’s head as he eats her. If she likes fucking her cunt with something as big as this, you’d need to have a huge boner to please this skank. She gets so wild on cam that she screams loud when she cums hard and it’ll be a load of pussy juice all over. View the full photo gallery of Skye here and check back here at to see more horny sluts pussy-playing and dripping cum between their legs.

Veronica gets Lexi’s pussy wet has double the fun with Veronica and Lexi playing with each other while doing sleazy poses for their photos. These steamy duo will surely get that dick standing stiff when you view their wild pictures where they grab each other’s tits and swap ’em spits exactly how you’d like to see it. And while sharing their warm saliva, tasting and spitting in each other’s throats, their fine tight butts aren’t exempted from the play of course.

They would do stuff with their spits, making sure their holes would stay lubricated and slippery for when they wanted to stick some hard and long objects inside them. These hardcore photos give you a clear view of just how wild these bitches can be when people watch them and we can only imagine what else they do when no one else is around and it’s the two of them. Aside from sharing spits and squeezing their meaty juggs, they like to play with their asses too. And how else would they do that without spitting and making that tiny tight hole wet, right? Only these two spittin’ sluts will turn your dry and dull day into an extremely refreshing and rather tasty one.

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Vanessa Videl drinks sticky pussy shake

When some girl tells you how good she is in the kitchen, better find out what exactly she means by that because here in Hardcore Smoothies, all our kinky sluts are apparently pros in the kitchen. Before you can even think of how shiny they make your silverware or cook perfectly that pot roast that you drool over, she might just be talking about some other worthwhile activities that she’s good at when spending time in the kitchen area.

Like these photos of hardcore Vanessa Videl. Clearly showing that she enjoys her time posing for pictures while making her favorite smoothie. But this one ain’t your ordinary for-health-buffs-only kinda drink because she uses her wet pussy to make the recipe a lot tastier. It’s the kind of taste which lasts for days in your mouth like when you ate someone’s snatch on a hot and humid day. Stripping naked and spreading her legs for all you fans, these photos show her very own skills in the kitchen and it’s something fun than washing dishes.

Although, if you would like to wash that sweet pussy with your tongue as she makes that sticky concoction for the two of you to drink, that’ll be hot as fuck and might eventually end up in a rough banging session with the chilled messy stuff all over your bodies. Vanessa likes the taste of her cunt, we can tell, and she would most likely share a glass of her pussy smoothie with you. Check out her pic gallery here. Pretty sure you’ll never look at some chick’s kitchen the same way again after seeing this post and you’ll get a hardon at the mention of blender and smoothies.